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Looking for a fresh strategy? New insights? Strategic ideas? You’ve hit the right spot!
Here, people elevate their strategic thinking. They craft winning strategies and find breakthrough ideas. Join us.

If you’re looking to:
  1. Craft a fresh strategy
  2. Engage in strategy training
  3. Peek into your industry’s future.
  4. Read groundbreaking books and articles on strategy
Svyatoslav’s extensive experience is at your disposal:
  • Over 15 years as a CEO in distribution, production, retail
  • More than 12 years serving on boards of directors
  • Over 8 years as a strategy consultant
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Need a strategy? Svyatoslav will help you devise it.

Need to look into your industry’s future? Play a foresight game.

Need training for your team? Svyatoslav’s the one to deliver it.

Need a strategic retreat? Svyatoslav will take care of it.

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