When Svyatoslav became a manager, so he started to manage people, he realized that he required knowledge about how to manage people. He started reading books, he graduated from an MBA program, but neither books nor an MBA program could answer his questions. 

Those books described some situations at work and gave reader tips about how to behave in every situation. But these tips were useful just for these particular situations and were useless if the context was different. There were also a lot of books devoted to organizational psychology, but they were written for HR specialists and were not that good for CEOs and top managers. This led Svyatoslav to the idea that top-managers and CEOs need their own book about people management – a book written by a manager for managers. That’s how this book was born.

About the author
Manager = psychologist
Of course, a manager shouldn’t be a professional psychologist, but he or she must see their subordinate’s personality characteristics. If one wants to influence people, he or she must understand them.
Don’t think about yourself too much
Mediocre managers think too much about themselves – about what they speak and how they look. The best managers think much more about their subordinates – so that they could understand them better
In search for harmony
The best managers know that employees follow their own interests first. And the best managers always search for a way to harmonize their subordinate’s interests and the business goals.
Macej Pavlovsky, Poland
The book is written by a practitioner, and it is obvious from the first pages. This is not a typical book by a consultant telling us fairy tales about people we have never met. It is a book which contains a lot of useful tips.
Milan M., Srbija
The book is about how to understand people. The majority of book about people management tell is how to behave ourselves in front of subordinates. But they forget to add that first of all we should understand and feel them.

Uroš Jakovac, Slovenia
The majority of books of this kind are written by American consultants – about Americans and for Americans. But Europe is not the USA, with all due respect. We have different culture and, I would say, different people. And we need different books – like this one.