Goodbye, Strategic Planning

I launched this newsletter a year ago. In 2023, I was testing the waters. Starting this January, it will slightly change – but you’ll learn more about it at the end of the article.

So, goodbye, strategic planning.

Running a business using a classical strategic approach is like building a house with just the blueprint for the basement.

If you can’t solve a task, two reasons might explain it:

You’ve chosen the wrong tool

You’re not skilled for the job

And the first one is more crucial. You can’t hammer a nail with a sofa cushion, even if you’re a seasoned carpenter.

Fifteen years ago, I used the classical playbook. I enthusiastically set goals, crafted strategies, and created long-term projects. They looked picture-perfect but were non-functional.

Did I pick a cushion instead of a hammer, or did I lack mastery?